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Damage Report

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Damage Report - AK's Fanfiction Archive
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Damage Report is a personal fanfiction archive.

Probably best known for the apparently tear-jerking novella Pieces, in the Stargate: Atlantis fandom, AK has since begun to write the sequel with beta and partner in crime shiny_starlight. Strands will be posted by their combined account akstarlightfic, and penned by both.

In the bandslash fandom, under her other username, AK is probably best known for the Patroh fics, Hedonism and chaptered fic TWNW.

If for any reason you want to link to my fic (especially if you're doing something awesome like posting a rec) please let me know. Thanks.

My fanfic100 fictable can be found here for the SGA fandom pairing Stackham.

Stackhouse/Markham fans may also like to visit uss_stackham.
The name 'Damage Report' is taken from the Iko track of the same name.

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